Pumpkin’s an All-Season Pooch
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Pumpkin’s an All-Season Pooch


Pumpkin is doing wonderful and keeping our 16-year-old dog Beezy young. She loves to go in the car for camping trips and on the longer drives when we head home to North Carolina. When camping, we make sure to bring her blow up pool since she loves the water. Just last month she was able to play in the snow up north for the first time! You should have seen her face when she realized that 29 degrees is not the same as the 80 degrees in Florida, but she remained warm in her “where’s Waldo” sweater. In the summer she runs to the creek and plays in the water on our property (thankfully we have no carpet in the house).

We are so grateful to your being a no-kill shelter and keeping her for over two years and through several hurricanes. If Pumpkin had been at an ordinary shelter we would never have found her.

Diane, Bob, Jeff & Meg Ferrer

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